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When you have your health, you have everything, and because it is such a fragile aspect of life, you must make sure you are being treated in the best possible way by a healthcare provider. But let's be honest, it can be hard to seek out a reputable, trusted, and friendly medical centre to ensure that your health is in the best hands. Many places may be too relaxed and less medically focused, whereas others might be overly analytical and lack interpersonal skills. Though it can be a challenge, there is an iconic resource where you can achieve the best of both worlds.

Cultivated by a team of passionate and highly experienced professionals, Ralpha Health Centre is a leading medical resource for patients to receive top-quality experiences and innovative health solutions. They offer a substantial range of services and leverage their comprehensive healthcare expertise to truly foster wonderful, thriving outcomes for every patient they see.

The Ralpha Health Centre has over a decade of collective experience within the medical field, and that number only continues to rise. The Chief Executive Officer and Medical Chief of Staff, Dr. Kelafo Z. Collie, M.D, has always been sincere about not just running a traditional medical centre that places little to no attention to patient happiness while solving underlying medical issues. He and the entire team showcase that it is possible to prioritize both aspects equally and never settle for anything less than that.

When you step into the Ralpha Health Centre, you are able to enhance your life in many ways. From general family medicine, mental health services, children’s health, to individual/group counseling and life coaching, you can find an endless amount of health changing services that you can take advantage of.

Though the number one reason why people seek a medical centre is to forefront health, Ralpha Health Centre strives to make their patient's experience much more compelling than merely offering ideal medical support. They have a sole mission to take good care of you and demonstrate that ardency by delivering friendly, inviting, and warming vibes to the environment that leave every person feeling positive the moment they walk in the door. This, in conjunction with their profound mastery and intensive health care training, is why so many individuals and families keep coming back.

Whether you are seeking to maintain your health or are looking to remediate a health-related issue, you can be confident that Ralpha Health Centre is fully equipped, excited, and ready to assist you so you can live the quality, healthy, happy life that you deserve. Give them a call today to get started on your upgraded health journey with a medical centre that truly sees you as a respected person rather than just another patient.

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Dr. Kelafo Z. Collie, M.D. is a leading Businessman and Family/General Medical Practitioner whose primary mission is to put his patients first in every scenario. He has a substantial background and passion for what he does and aims to deliver top-quality experiences, service, and value to every patient that walks through the door.

With over a decade of professional experience, Dr. Kelafo Collie is a highly sought out practitioner and demonstrates his expertise through his robust track record of successes and advocacy. He has worked in both public and private sectors and has had extensive training in endoscopy, psychiatry, and family medicine. He is impressively patient, intuitive, and genuinely cares about every person he sees to give them the best quality of life they deserve.

Though Dr. Kelafo Collie is an entrepreneurial leader in the medical field, his background is much more diverse than that. Prior to his dedication to medicine, Dr. Kelafo Collie was a teacher at Prince Williams' High School in Nassau, Bahamas, and Senior House Officer in the Psychiatry Department in the Public Health sector. In addition, he has also written international books and served as an advisor and life coach to several medical, business, and governmental organizations.   

When you decide to see Dr. Kelafo Collie, expect to have a warm, welcoming, and comfortable experience from start to finish. He takes great pride in forefronting health and leverages his analytical eye and interpersonal skills to ensure all bases are covered every time. No matter what you are concerned about or want to address, you can be confident that with Dr. Kelafo Collie, your health and wellbeing are in the qualified best hands.

Though Dr. Kelafo Collie loves what he does to make a difference in other's lives, when he is not working, you can find him spending precious time with his wife Shallaywa Collie and his son, living life as wholesome as he can, and traveling to other nations to perform life-changing and medical missions.


  • Chief Executive Officer/Chief Medical Officer, Ralpha Health Centre (8+ years)

  • Registered National Health Insurance Primary Physician, Ministry of Health, Bahamas

  • 10 Years of Neuro Psychiatry, Public Hospital Freeport, Bahamas

  • Presenter at numerous Medical Conferences and seminars

  • Sciences and Religious Education, Teacher

  • Author of International Best-Selling Books

  • Overseer/Leader of Local Christian Ministry

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  • MBBS, Bachelors of Medicine Bachelors of Surgery, University of the West Indies

  • Bachelor of Biology Pre-Med, Lee University, USA

  • Associate in Biology and Chemistry

Post Graduate Training

  • Family Medicine, University of Edinburgh

  • Post Graduate Training, Christian Medical College, India

    1. Infectious Diseases

    2. Family Medicine

  • Advance training in Psychotherapy, Group Therapy, and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy


  • Gastro Intestinal; (EGC), Gastroscopy

  • Trans Nasal Endoscopy, (TNE), National Procedures Institute, USA

  • Advance Cardiovascular Life Support, ACLS

  • Advance Trauma Life Support, ATLS

  • Basic Life Support, BLS


  • Former Board Member – Grand Bahama Medical and Dental Association

  • Past President Grand Bahama Aids Awareness Committee

  • Past Chairman, World Psychiatry Month, Grand Bahama, Health Services

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